Stuart Brody, President

Dear Scot:

On behalf of my client and myself, I wish to thank you for your safe delivery of her multi-thousand dollar antique purchase to New Hampshire on such short notice.  Thanks to you her gala went off without a hitch.

With the delicate and irreplaceable items that she purchased, it was comforting to know that they would be handled properly, insured and be delivered on time - all at a surprisingly low cost.   

Should the occasion arise where courier service was needed again, I would not hesitate to use you or recommend you to my clients.

Sincerely, SB/pb


northeastern connecticut council of governments

Scot from Quiet Corner Courier, LLC offers a very professional and dependable courier service. We use his service to deliver speciments to the lab in Hartford, CT for rabies testing. They need to be handled with care and delivered promptly so that we may obtain the results quickly for public safety. Thank you Scot!!

Dianne Collette

NECCOG Animal Services, Director

more to come.......